Lisa Mercer-Leach

My name is Lisa Mercer-Leach.

I have the ability to put clients at ease and possess valuable listening skills.

Whilst I have spent most of my career in banking and finance I decided to do something totally different with my future career.

I have a special interest in various therapies and have had some training in counselling and am qualified in bereavement counselling but soon realised I wanted something more scientifically based that fitted my personality and by training with the highly acclaimed Quest Institute formed by the founder Trevor Silvester of Harley Street I found that Cognitive Hypnotherapy allowed me to reach out to a wider range of clients and issues. I have also personally received Cognitive Hypnotherapy and found it exceptionally successful.

I am particularly intrigued by fears and phobias, anxiety, depression and bad habits. It is my believe that all behaviour has a reason and my key aim is to work with the client to find a healthier solution to their issue.

Everyone has issues for example a fear or a phobia of spiders, Fact is no one is born scared of spiders, for instance, this is a learned behaviour or something that has been triggered in the past. Whilst some may think a spider phobia is fairly common place or some may find it trivial to some others it is a real problem if it affects them going in their garden for instance or into room where a spider happens to be. There is no shame in seeking is just another form of conversation.



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