Human thinking and artificial intelligence concept as a technology symbol for a robot head and butterfly shaped with gears and machine cog wheels.

Our therapy is a modern science based approach based on recent research into neuroscience using a number of techniques from traditional hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, CBT and coaching. Unlike many therapies we do not operate a tick box system and label our clients. The therapy used is solution based. We do not spend valuable time going over problems and instead work towards a future reframing the problem state.

Many issues arise from childhood experiences and our aim is to regress the client to discover the root of the issue and reframe it and work towards a solution state.

In our therapy we deliver a treatment plan individual to our client after having spent time listening to them . Questions will be asked in order for me to understand how you are dealing with your problem and how going forward your life may be changed or improved via my individual treatment plan that allows you to imagine life without the issue you have struggled with.

As part of the treatment plan I will provide an audio recording of Wordweaving TM this contains positive suggestions that allow you to make the journey to your solution state. These recordings are produced by myself and tailored to your needs as an individual they are not generic recordings which is normal practice with traditional hypnotherapy.